Dear Colleagues!

        Thank you for attending the Ist International Research and Practice Conference «Nanoobjects & Nanostructuring» (N&N‒2020), which was held at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv on September 20‒23, 2020.

       We would like to sincerely thank all of you for the high scientific value of your reports, high quality presentation of results and active participation in the work of the N&N‒2020.

       The conference was attended about 100 participants who presented 6 plenary (including 4 online), 11 oral (2 online) and 53 poster (4 posters were presented on the conference website) presentations, as well as 48 correspondence reports on the following areas:

  • physical chemistry of nanosized and nanostructured materials;
  • nanostructuring in 0D–3D systems: thermodynamic and kinetics aspects;
  • synthesis and characterisation of nano-objects;
  • organic and inorganic nanomaterials, supramolecular chemistry;
  • application of nanostructured systems.


The reports presented at the Conference were co-authored with 425 scientists from 13 countries and 95 organizations:

  • 47 universities from: Czech Republic (1), Finland (1), France (2), Germany (4), Poland (4), P. R. China (2), Slovak Republic (1), Sweden (2), Ukraine (26), United Kingdom (2), and United States (2);
  • 38 research institutes and laboratories of National Academies of Sciences in Czech Republic (2), Germany (2), Latvia (1), Poland (1), Slovak Republic (1), Ukraine (29), and United States (2);
  • 10 public and private companies from Australia (1), Germany (1), P. R. China (2), Ukraine (4), United Kingdom (1), and United States (1).

Thank you for your valuable contribution to the Conference.


We hope to see you again at the

 ІInd International Research and Practice Conference

«Nanoobjects & Nanostructuring»


The members of the

Program and Organizing Committees



Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Faculty of Chemistry

Shevchenko Scientific Society

The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

1-st International Research and Practice Conference

«Nanoobjects & Nanostructuring»


20-23 September 2020

Lviv, Ukraine




Dear Colleagues!
     Thank you very much to everyone for the interest in the N&N-2020 conference. We thank all the authors who submitted an abstract!

      Registration to the N&N-2020 is closed.

     We look forward to seeing you in Lviv!

 Organizing Committee N&N-2020

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