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Selected conference presentations will be recommended for publication as regular journal papers in:

Materials Science (Springer Nature https://www.springer.com/journal/11003) - is a translation of the peer-reviewed Ukrainian journal "Фізико-хімічна механіка матеріалів" (http://ipm.lviv.ua/pcmm/). Journal is indexed in Scopus and WоS.

Information for authors is available at: http://pcmm.ipm.lviv.ua/rul.htm




Please, check new rules for authors

Please prepare your full paper based on the accepted abstract in Ukrainian

Please prepare manuscript up to 7 pages maximum.



Chemistry of Metals and Alloys journal. Journal is indexed in WoS.

 Information for authors is available at: https://www.chemetal-journal.org/


Proceedings of the Shevchenko Scientific Society. Chemistry Sciences (Праці наукового товариства Шевченка. Серія хімічна) https://ntsh-chem.github.io/index.html

Information for authors is available here.


Please send your manuscript by email to  nano.lviv.2020@gmail.com